I must admit to some, the thought of photographing 15 ladies around the city centre of Bristol for a photo shoot to celebrate a birthday could be something quite  intimidating.

However, from my first phone call with Devina through to presenting her frame and canvas it was clear that she is lovely and fun loving person. That made the whole process very enjoyable.

And how often do you get to meet that many people in one go as part of your job? A tour guide perhaps is close. And Bristol is so photogenic. 

Natural and documentary images alongside natural light portraits worked really well for the fun loving group. We had a rather splendid two hours around the waterfront and city centre with her friends, and got some great candid pictures as well as urban style portraits against the backdrop of the city

The group shot against the Street Art was a favourite and some of the shutters shots look great too. I laughed a lot and it was really wondeful to able to see such friendships in action.

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