About us

Its the light and composition of line and textures creating an atmosphere that compliments the portrait subject. Its something magical and real. Its truthful and ambiguous.

We can genuinely say when we are photographing people that our aim to is create something special for them. Something creative. Something that will last the test of time.

We firmly believe our slight differences, our quirks, our ways of perceiving the world around us one of the things that makes us all human, all part of the same family.


We are Becky  & Simon  –  partners in life and business. We love photography & art, music & dancing and we love meeting people and bringing people together.

Its hard to put in to words the way images make you feel. That’s why we have photos, paintings and art. Because they express something inexpressible and can move us in ways words alone cant.

Its the same when you try to talk about the things or people you love. Words only go so far.